A timelapse of a handcrafted Card Case


Designing and Pattern-making:

A pattern is created based on the initial technical drawing. After the pattern is made, a quick prototype is created from bonded leather. This prototype allows the artisan to see what the final product will look like.


Examining the leather and cutting out the pattern:

Once the artisan is happy with the quick prototype, he proceeds to examine the leather. The pattern has to be placed in a way to avoid any imperfections in the leather and to maximise the usable area. The artisan also needs to cut out panels for reinforcement to give the bag structure.


Preparing the leather for assembly: 

Before leather can be folded and glued, a skiving machine is used to thin out the leather.This process allows the artisan to make clean and straight folds.


Assembly and stitching:

The panels are assembled and glued together before being stitched.